Stoke By Nayland

One of East Anglia's finest retreats approached us for a fully bespoke and integrated website.

A popular place

Stoke by Nayland is one of our local area’s most recognisable and well-respected businesses. As a Golf & Spa retreat located in the heart of Suffolk, they have a reputation for being one of the best places to step away from it all, whether you’re looking to play a few holes on your own, relax in the spa with a loved one, or even book the wedding day of your dreams.

When WDL were approached by Stoke by Nayland to design and build them a brand new website that incorporated their existing booking facilities, we jumped at the opportunity to create something that fit perfectly in line with the expectations that precede such a luxury establishment, making a user journey that perfectly complimented the Stoke by Nayland brand.

Bespoke building blocks

From the outset, the project required clear organisation, due to both its scale and proposed deadline, in order to create a project structure that would ensure that each task was completed as efficiently as possible, whilst maintaining an incredibly high standard throughout.

Much of the project’s logistical success came from the hard work and enthusiasm that came from the clients themselves, and it was a product of teamwork between WDL’s project managers and Stoke by Nayland themselves that the website came together as well as it did.

Over 80% increase in booking enquiries following the design and development of the new website.

Designing the face of luxury

When it came to the design, it was key to utilise high quality images that were representative of the luxury services & environment that Stoke by Nayland provide, and image placement was equally as important in making the user experience as visually engaging as possible.

As a result, the website became a clean and elegant platform with as much relevant information on each landing page as possible, avoiding unnecessary steps in the user journey which could overcomplicate the experience and lead to a high volume of users navigating away from the site.

From a features perspective, Stoke by Nayland was always intended to be a feature rich, and content detailed platform, and so our developers spent a lot of time in advance of the site build to ensure that they completely understood what was required from each proposed section of the website. Clear and constant communication was necessary throughout the site build to make sure that any issues that occured could be swiftly rectified.

£840 reduction in cost per conversion following the implementation of a new PPC strategy.

The Future of Fancy

Stoke by Nayland are continually working alongside us in order to enhance the benefits of the new website with a digital marketing retainer that affords ongoing strategies put in place to increase both site traffic and bookings. Our relationship with SbN continues to grow and WDL are incredibly proud of not only the website that we have produced for them, but also all of our ongoing activity as we help them continue to grow.

Alkimi Products

A bespoke brochure site was needed for this manufacturer of cleaning products.

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